The Winemaking

A scientific approach serving sustainable viticulture is at the heart of our approach. There are no great wines without great grapes! Once harvested, they are vinified with the greatest respect for the expression of the fruit and the terroir. Our vines are conducted in organic farming.

Growing vines in balance

We ensure the balance and preservation of ecosystems and their biotope to be as close as possible to our terroirs. To do this, we have implemented virtuous practices such as the crushing of vine shoots and the establishment of biodiversity corridors.

Thanks to the plants that we sow between the rows of vines, we improve the balance of the soils, which shelter and nourish abundant life. This symbiotic relationship of roots, fungi and bacteria contributes to a living soil.

The protection and proper development of our vines also involves the practice of Poussard pruning, which is more respectful of sap flows. Thanks to the trellising of the vines, the vegetation develops harmoniously and the well-ventilated clusters are less prone to disease.

With the registration of the Climats of Burgundy as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are enhancing the unique character of our landscapes by restoring dry stone walls and winegrowers’ cabins.

Harvest at the right time

We harvest earlier and earlier every year, proof if needed of global warming. Everything is done to preserve the freshness of the grapes and maintain good balance. The harvest is manual, in small 20-kilo perforated boxes and systematically sorted by hand for the whites and by optical sorting for the reds.

Gently vinify

Our work, measured and adapted to each parcel, reveals each terroir thanks to high quality grapes. The alcoholic fermentation is gentle and regular favoring pumping over punching down in order to extract the most qualitative tannins. After a long vatting, the red wines are placed into oak barrels to complete their ageing on the lees.

The well-golden Chardonnays are harvested quickly enough to keep a nice freshness. After manual sorting, pressing and settling, the alcoholic fermentation takes place in barrels for 10 to 15 days depending on the terroir. Aged on lees, each cuvée is unique and lees stirring is not systematic.

To offset our carbon emissions, we have planted a riparian forest in the Clos du Château de Meursault and we are planting a few young trees in our vines. We limit the passage of gear and we have reduced the weight of our bottle by 15%. Whenever possible, we use reusable materials and make sure not to waste.

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