The Estate

Located in the heart of Côte de Beaune, our Estate owns splendid plots of Meursault, Pommard, Puligny-Montrachet, Beaune and Corton’s hill. The Château, the conservatory, the former winery, the outbuildings, the dovecote, the park and the orchard spread over 10 hectares all together, now focused on biodiversity and sustainable development.

The Riparian forest

We have created a riparian forest as a surprising sensitive, ecological, greedy and poetic discovery. We replenish the natural environment of the vine by planting mostly edible plants. They improve the mycorrhizal systems which are particularly useful to the resilience of the Clos du Château’s vine, cultivated nearby.

The gourmet garden

The Estate keeps on revegetating and sets about doing a gourmet vegetable garden. This food producing paradise, exuberant and attractive is composed of mediterranean vines, grenadiers, olive trees, almond trees, fig trees…

The Château and its park

Surrounded by a splendid dry stones wall, the Clos du Château is a plot of 8 hectares of Chardonnay vines located in front of the Château. In the park and in the gardens, you discover several cedars including a tercentenary one, the chestnut trees path, orchard and ponds. An entire ecosystem in the center of our agroecological project.

The vines

Château de Meursault is located on the prestigious Meursault appellation, international reference of great white wines. The 65 hectares of the vineyard spread over more than a hundred plots, including 5 Grands Crus, 18 Premiers Crus and a dozen of village and regional appellations Aloxe-Corton, Beaune, Volnay, Pommard,…evocative names like Great Burgundian Climats.

The cellars

The splendid cistercian cellars, digged from the 12th to the 19th centuries, spread over 3500m², under the Château and its outbuildings. The biggest cellar can house up to 800 barrels. It’s a unique show in Burgundy.

1000 years of history

11th century
Capetian Robert 1st, Duke of Burgundy, son of the King of France Robert 2nd pious grandson of Hugues Capet, conceeded the fief of Foulot Mill to one of is squires
From 12th to 16th century
The fiefdom often changed owner according to the struggles between the Duchy of Burgundy and the King of France.
Being the property of Mazeray Seigneury, it was bought by Pierre Legoux de la Berchère, lord of La Rochepot
The fief belonged to Louis de Grain. His family had been established in the region of Louhans in Franche-Comté since the end of the 16th century.
François de Raigecourt, King’s officer in the regions of Lorraine and Barrois and his wife Béatrice-Thérèse de Bauffremont coming from an old noble family enhanced the fief of Moulin Foulot
Pierre Blancheton, lawyer at the parliament of burgundy, bought the fief for an amount of 18000 pounds (approx 400 000€) and became the Lord of Meursault. At this moment, the fief owns few vineyards in Meursault and Monthelie.
Jean-Philibert Blancheton inherited the Château de Meursault while marrying Henriette Boussard
Henriette Boussard died, leaving the Château de Meursault to her son, Jean-Baptiste François Blancheton, lord of La Rochepot and Meursault
Jean-Baptiste-François dies and bequeaths the fief to his two sons, Henri-Joseph and Jacques Philibert. They emigrated during the French Revolution and then returned to Beaune without descendants.
(Floréal year II): During the revolution, goods were seized and then valued.
(Ventôse year 7) The property was sold to Jean Boillaud from Meursault and next to Baptiste Bouchard from Chalôn sur Saône.
The fiefdom passes to Pierre Jobard, merchant of Meursault then to his daughter Jeanne Marie Philippine who marries on July 21, 1818 Charles Serre, descendant of merchants of Chalon.
The estate is bequeathed to his sons, Pierre-Charles Philippe Serre wine merchant in Meursault and Pierre-Jules Serre, living in Paris
Pierre-Charles died and the fief was bequeathed to his daughter who married to the Baron de Montbrun. She bequeathed the estate to her cousin, the wife of the Earl of Moucheron
The Earl of Moucheron left the estate to his son, Etienne. At the moment, the estate represents a quarter of its current surface.
André Boisseaux bought the Château de Meursault and restored it completly. It became one of the most beautiful and largest estate in Burgundy.
End of 2012, this burgundian jewel was acquired by the Halley Family in order to respect the excellence tradition and the expression of the best terroirs of Burgundy

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